.show is a video camera app changing the visual world and television as we know it. Watch shows on-demand by your favorite creators. Create and share shows of your own with outstanding visual effects or collaborate with others by remixing together. No subscriptions. No advertisements. No propaganda.


Conceived as the next step in eComm and social media, .show is the brainchild of Derek Siegel and Mateo Moreno. As brands began pouring millions into content generation for traditional social platforms they noticed that the CTR’s they were getting on their content did not match up to the effort they were putting in to produce it. The new platform allows brands to upload product sku’s into a CRM on the backend and tag those products in the content they upload to their profile. On the front-end, users are able to shop directly from those videos and check out all without leaving the platform - thus shrinking the sales funnel and giving brands access to a whole new level of content engagement data.


The balance between our users and our brand partners created an interesting design challenge. We needed to understand how our users were engaging with the app while simultaneously helping brand sell their products through content. Competitive analysis of existing social platforms helped us understand what user were used to having, and new features were mapped out using user journeys, flows, and sitemaps.

The majority of our feedback came through user interviews and A/B testing of new features. Additionally, we used MixPanel to better understand the granular user data and from there we were able to concept, design, and prototype new features. This iterative process allowed us to work quickly with our developers, and take in feedback from our brand partners at the same time.


Initial designs came in the form of wireframes, which were incorporated into user flows. When adding features it was important to us that the new actions would be noticeable, but also blend in seamlessly with the existing capabilities. Wireframes and prototypes allowed us to make sure we were keeping interactions consistent while up-leveling the overall experience.

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